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Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference

Who Should Attend

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Faculty from across disciplines, who teach and/or research interdisciplinary campus sustainability issues ranging from carbon emissions, sustainability education, food systems, planning, community connections, waste reduction, and many others.

Students who are interested in furthering sustainability at their home campus, including student leaders, researchers, activists, peer educators, club members, and others.

Operational Staff who want to learn more about energy conservation, waste reduction, carbon emissions, food procurement, green cleaning, and organic landscape practices. This includes facilities directors, resource conservation managers, LEED building designers and operators, energy conservation staff, food service directors, custodial directors, grounds staff, and others.

Student Development Staff who would like to learn more about infusing sustainable practices and concepts into residence halls, student government, student clubs, student activism, student recreation, new student services, career services, and other areas.

Administrators who want to explore sustainability planning,infrastructure, marketing, project funding, and carbon reduction goals. Includes university presidents, vice-presidents, CFOs, and department directors.

Non-profit, government, and community stakeholders who interact with colleges and universities to advance their mission and further campus sustainability.

WAHESC would like to encourage students, faculty, and staff from all departments to participate in this year's conference. The only prerequisite for participating and engaging in the conference is an interest in learning more about sustainability on their campus. We hope that by broadening the spectrum of conference goers in attendance a larger variety of perspectives will be represented at WAHESC.

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